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2014 Edition The Comprehensive Cat. Of U.S. Fed. Large Size Notes 1861-1929 Chamblais & Hessler Book

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The book is a 320 page, soft-bound reference (8.5” X 11”), fully illustrated with vivid color photographs. This is the first reference since 1979 to deal with large-size notes exclusively. Notes in denominations from $1 to $10,000 are covered in three grades. Many of the notes shown in this reference are in the collection of Dr. Chambliss. The reference also covers (US Federal issues), currency related souvenir cards, with prices and quantity sold, along with how they came into existence starting in 1969. The authors introduce a new and very systematic (Chambliss) numbering system. The more familiar Friedberg numbers are also given for each variety. Star notes, mules, and National bank notes, large-size errors, fancy serial numbers and uncut sheets are also covered. All census data is covered to 2014.

Ink, chemistry, bimetallism, monetary policies of the 19th century and other such features are also covered. The reference has 14 Chapters. These two authors have worked together on a previous reference dealing with paper money. That was in 2006 when they authored, “The Comprehensive Catalog of U. S. Paper Money.” Dr. Chambliss is an author of about 90 articles mostly on paper money. He has also authored other numismatic references. Gene Hessler (a recent recipient of the American Numismatic Association, Lifetime Achievement Award) is a celebrated author and researcher.