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Free Shipping for orders over $100

32nd Edition Standard Cat. Of Canadian Gov't paper Money Charlton Book

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SKU B00207
From French Regime card money and War of 1812 Army Bills through to the Bank of Canada’s latest Canada 150 polymer note, Canadian Government Paper Money describes and prices issues from all levels of government, including provincial and municipal issues of colonial times and 1930s Depression Scrip. Almost all notes are illustrated in full colour. Tips for collectors are provided for many issues which offer updated note census information and other useful facts not always available from other sources. The grading guide includes grading standards for polymer notes. Latest valuations are provided in up to eight grades. The 32nd edition has undergone several terrific additions.  Updated pricing across the board as well as additions to modern prefixs are featured.  The error section has undergone an expansion to include many more example pictures, and census totals have been updated for a better indication of scarcity.