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A Guide Book of Barber Silver Coins 2nd Edition Whitman Book

by Whitman
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Award-winning author Q. David Bowers offers fresh insight into the 1892–1916 silver coinage of U.S. Mint engraver Charles E. Barber. These coins were the workhorses of American commerce at the dawn of the 20th century, an age of exciting innovation. Bowers traces the history of Barber’s coinage through the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era to the brink of America’s entry into the Great War, alongside the birth of record players, automobiles, airplanes, and motion pictures.
The Guide Book of Barber Silver Coins gives advice and instructions on grading and smart collecting, along with retail prices in up to 12 grades (including Proofs), and a close study of every date and mintmark for Barber dimes, quarters, and half dollars. Appendices provide a history of Charles Barber’s life, the mints where his coins were struck, a history of the legendary 1894-S dime, and more.
New in the expanded second edition: Updated values. New historical photographs. Price trends for each coin. A gallery of remarkable error coins. Newly revealed photographs and history from Charles Barber’s family archives. Barber coin love tokens. An expanded index. And more.
“Bowers introduces a new generation of collectors to Charles Barber, and fuels their passion for his important and wonderful coins.” —John Frost, president of the Barber Coin Collectors’ Society
“A landmark account touching on every aspect of Barber’s fascinating coinage.” —Kenneth Bressett, editor emeritus of the Guide Book of United States Coins
“A solid foundation to begin or continue collecting silver Barber coins.” —Philip J. Carrigan, former president of the Barber Coin Collectors’ Society
400 pages, full color, softcover. By Q. David Bowers, with a foreword by John Frost, president of the Barber Coin Collectors’ Society.