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Check List & Record Book of U.S. Paper Money Whitman Book

by Whitman
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SKU B00066
The Check List and Record Book of United States Paper Money is a convenient way to keep track of your currency collection. Its 6 x 9-inch size packs a lot of information into a handy resource that you can carry in your pocket or bag, or store in your safe deposit box.

Take it to shows and shops while you are on the hunt for your next numismatic acquisition. Check each box as you add a note to your collection or upgrade to a better specimen. Use the Friedberg and Whitman numbers to look up your notes and study them in-depth in the Whitman Encyclopedia of U.S. Paper Money.

You'll also find plenty of room to write comments on when and where you bought various notes, their grading, prices, and any other information you want to record.

252 pages, 6 x 9 inches, paperback