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Coin Clinic 1-1001 Freq. Asked Questions Herbert Book

by KP
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Alan Herbet is an internationally renowned numismatist, a professional coin authenticator and photographer. He has put his substantial expertise to service in Coin Clinic wherein he answers 1001 questions asked of him by collectors, dealers, scholars, authors, columnists, and specialists through his "Coin Clinic" column published in "Numismatic News" and "Coins" magazine. From the routine to the exotic, answers are loaded with reliable information to enhance and reinforce the reader's numismatic knowledge. Whether you are a novice or an experienced collector, Coin Clinic will save you from making expensive mistakes when buying and selling coins and paper money. Coin Clinic provides firsthand information on altered coins, appraisals, auctions, denominations, mintages, non-legal tender coins, proofs and more than fifty other categories. Coin Clinic provides complete information honed from hundreds of sources and cross-checked for accuracy. From the routine to the unusual, every topic expands the reader's numismatic expertise. Coin Clinic is "must" reading for every coin collector and investor. -- Midwest Book Review. Soft cover.