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Free Shipping for orders over $100

Hawid Stamp Mount 160 x 120d Black

by Hawid
Original price $11.50
Current price $9.20
SKU H00019B
Philatelists around the world protect their valuable stamps with Hawid Stamp Mounts. Hawid Stamp Mounts provide lasting protection and optimum flexibility for configuration of the one’s stamp collection. The thin and extremely stable Hawid Stamp Mount consists of a rubberized back and a clear covering film. The rubberized backs are available in either black or clear to provide an aesthetic frame for your stamps’ perforations and designs. The clear cover holds the stamp in place with spring action while a curvature allows for breathing. The two pieces are precisely joined at the bottom for exact positioning of the stamp (mounts 70mm or more in height are also joined at the top). The rubberized backs on Hawid Stamp Mounts have an adhesive coating that, when slightly moistened, allows for the securing of the stamp mount in place. Hawid Stamp Mounts are made from archival, plasticizer-free polystyrene.
Backing Color Available: Black
Height: 120mm
Width: 160mm
Common Uses for This Size: Blocks and Souvenir Sheets
Number of Stamp Mounts per Pack: 10