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Money of the Bible, 3rd Edition Whitman Book

by Whitman
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Money and coins are mentioned many times, and in many places, in the Bible. No fewer than 16 of the 40 parables preached by Jesus mention coins or money. To the casual reader, these might sound like abstract or symbolic references, but to numismatists, they tell stories with deep significance. Coins give us a running commentary on biblical events in a way that no other artifacts can supply. What did the actual 30 pieces of silver-the money given to Judas for his betrayal-look like? Were they real coins, like the ones we use today? What were they worth in purchasing power? How could they possibly be compared to the value of such a precious life? What about the Widow's Mites-two tiny coins that offered a profound lesson in giving-what did they look like? Or the Tribute Penny so famously "rendered unto Caesar"? What kind of money did the Good Samaritan pay to the innkeeper? And why would a woman rejoice with her friends when she found a lost drachma? In Money of the Bible, these and similar questions are answered by one of the most famous numismatic researchers of our time. Through Kenneth Bressett's fascinating study, we gain a better understanding of ancient customs and the truth in the words of the Bible.