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Pleasure & Profit: 100 Lessons for Building & Selling a Collection of Rare Coins 2nd Edition Whitman Book

by Whitman
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Pleasure and Profit: 100 Lessons for Building and Selling a Collection of Rare Coins, 2nd edition 

In the updated second edition of his award-winning book, Robert W. Shippee reveals how he got serious about building a meaningful collection of rare coins. His carefully assembled Waccabuc Collection of half cents through $20 gold double eagles sold at public auction for a profitable $1.5 million.
The first edition of Pleasure and Profit quickly became one of the most talked-about books on collecting and investing in U.S. coins. Longtime hobbyists read it and said, “I wish I’d had a guide like this when I started collecting.” In this edition Shippee updates the market reports on most of the coins in his case-study collection. He expands his discussion of rare-coin indexes, and his comparison of coins vs. the stock market. And he makes a new analysis of his coins by denomination, tracking where they would be, value-wise, a decade-plus after their sale. “With greater knowledge comes greater confidence as a collector,” Shippee says. Now you can learn from his spectacular successes—and perhaps even more from his costly mistakes. 
Find out for yourself why Q. David Bowers calls Pleasure and Profit “one of the most useful books in American numismatics