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Free Shipping for orders over $100

International 1B1 1840-1940 Lebonon-Quelimane Scott

by Scott
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IScott International Album Pages: Part 1B1 1840-1940 (276 double sided pages). Stamps from the following countries are found in this part: Lebanon; Leeward Islands; Liberia; Libia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Lourenco Marques; Luxembourg; Macao; Madagascar; Madeira; Malaya; Maldive Islands; Malta; Manchukuo; Marianas Islands; Marienwerder; Marshall Islands; Martinique; Mauritania; Maurities; Mayotte; Memel; Mesopotamia; Mexico; Middle Congo; Moheli; Monaco; Mongolia; Montenegro; Montserrat; Mozambique; Mozambique Company; Natal; Nauru; Mepal; Netherlands; Netherlands Antilles; Nevis; New Brunswick; New Caledonia; New Guinea; Newfoundland; New Hebrides; New South Wales; New Zealand;' Nicaragua; Niger; Niger Coast Protectorate; Nigeria; Niue; North Borneo; North Ingermanland; North West Pacific Islands; Northern Nigeria; Northern Rhodesia; Norway; Nossi Be; Nova Scotia; Nyassa; Nyassaland Protectorate; Obock; Oltre Giuba; Orange River Colony; Palestine; Panama; Papua; Paraguay; Penrhyn Island; Persia; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Ponta Delgada; Portugal; Portuguese Africa; Portuguese Congo; Portuguese Guinea; Portuguese India; Prince Edward Island; Prussia; Puerto Rico; Queensland; Quelimane. Binder, slipcase, binder label and glassine interleaving are sold separately.